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  • Luxury Box

    Luxury Box

    Would you like to give a VNDX as a gift or would you like to receive your watch in a luxury box? Then this Luxury Box is the perfect packaging.   The watch box is packed in a larger outer box, which has a drawer. When you open the box, you will see a light gray fabric interior that gives the watch a classic, cool look.


  • Ibiza Rebel Watch Box Big

    Ibiza Rebel Watch Box Big

    Discover the Ibiza Rebel Watch Box, designed to meet all your watch-related desires. With space for 15 watches, this watch case provides the ideal solution to stylishly showcase or securely store your collection. The box comes with convenient cover caps, allowing you to create a perfectly organized and visually appealing presentation even if you haven't filled the box completely yet. Explore the ultimate combination of functionality and elegance with the Ibiza Rebel Watch Box.




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